Conversations are Thinking Things

Site specific project @RHOK, 2019 

I once read a review about the 1978 film “Interiors” by Woody Allen in which a strong link was suggested between the internal world of its characters and visual image of the decor and the way in was brought into frame.

‘Interiors’ is Allen’s first drama but his only film without music.

Inspired by this film I researched the possible representation of internal thought processes, how they can be visualised through the use of space-defining (art) objects. And how does a space affect or influence our psychological state, what are the markers, the cues? How does a space help to tell the story of interior struggles, and how does it help make the link between two people having a conversation. What is a conversation actually? Seen from the interior point of view of one of its participants. 

What interests me also in the film of Woody are the aesthetics. The wood trim that is covered in layers and layers of paint. It seems the only way how Americans can get a feeling of time passing in a building, a feeling of being grounded in the past. The thick coverage with layers of paint is something I have only seen in American films/series, especially of that time: end 70s beginning 80s, it has always fascinated me to a point were I think there’s actually a deeply embedded truth hidden.

During an on-site working period of 2 weeks I created objects that reflect on interior and exterior oriented conversations. Using source material from the film ‘Interiors’, a quote, the esthetics or the visuals. I created pieces especially for the space of the galerij, taking its unique setup and lay out as a solid inspiration.